The Marginal Figure: Communities, Conflict, and Change

  • Focus: object X is present
  • Margins: yes, but other objects, currently out of focus, are also present; the environment is also present; I, the perceiver, am also present, etc.
  • Focus: object X belongs to category Y
  • Margins: yes, but object X also belongs also to categories Z, W, V…
  • Focus: given that object X is not a Y, therefore…
  • Margins: yes, but why should we follow the consequence of X-is-not-a-Y, rather than X-is-a-Z; and, is the consequence self-evident? Are there circumstances in which X can be treated as a Y?
Glenn Wallis. The archetypical marginal figure.




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The Stoa

The Stoa

The Stoa was once a covered portico where Stoics met to philosophize. Now it’s a digital space, where we can gather and talk about what matters most.