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  • Nicolas Benjamin

    Nicolas Benjamin

  • Euvie Ivanova

    Euvie Ivanova

    Media Entrepreneur, Podcaster at and, Consciousness Explorer, Artist, Digital Nomad.

  • Borja Moya

    Borja Moya

    Data Rebel, writer and filmmaker. Author of ‘Data Dictatorships: The Arms Race to Hack Humankind’. Founder of BM Studios: —

  • Andrew Sweeny

    Andrew Sweeny

    Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.

  • Robin Singh

    Robin Singh

    I do good work as there’s nothing better to do.

  • Center For Humane Technology

    Center For Humane Technology

    We're dedicated to reversing the digital attention crisis, and realigning technology with humanity's best interests.

  • Donald King

    Donald King

    I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

  • Nicholas Grossman

    Nicholas Grossman

    Senior Editor at Arc Digital. Poli Sci prof (IR) at U. Illinois. Author of “Drones and Terrorism.” Politics, national security, and occasional nerdery.

  • Chris Perez

    Chris Perez

    Cognition, energy, and society.

  • Donald J. Robertson

    Donald J. Robertson

    Cognitive psychotherapist, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. Check out our new graphic novel “Verissimus”:

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